Eloptics: Logoital Plasma and Pineal Gland

Famed inventor of the Hieronymous box discusses Eloptics and their interaction with the pineal gland, solar waveforms, etc. Care of Agent Delphi

J। G.: Are you referring to the bone marrow or the pineal gland?

Hieronymus: Not the bone marrow; the pineal gland has direct relationship to the sun. Solar activity affects the pineal gland. (See Science News on “Solar Readout of Brain,” p. 248, October 18, 1975, which Rene Cartes has called the point of interaction between the spirit and body. Many philosophers since him have maintained that the seat of the soul — of consciousness itself is the tiny pineal gland or third eye.) Solar influence comes through the receptors in the top of the eye (not through the seeing part). I think it goes through the pituitary. Anyway, we worked on it and the day before Easter we insisted that the doctors have the test made the first thing in the morning after the boy had slept all night and before he was transfused. (We checked on the doctors procedure and the boy would always get the blood transfusions and then the doctors would take the sample of blood for the test.) The father was insistent; the doctors finally did it that way. Now, heres something that really gets you. The technician came to get the blood specimen and ran down to run the test and about a half-hour later the head of the laboratory of this hospital came up and took another specimen and also took it down to analyze it. About two hours later a technician from another hospital took another specimen from the boy. He took it back to their laboratories — they had three verifiable tests there that all showed that the platelets had increased to nearly normal — and they knew it couldnt be done! So that stands out as one of the spectacular moments.

J. G.: Whats the difference or correlation between the eloptic energy and dowsing, if any?

Hieronymus: A great deal. There is a universal energy called logoital plasma. First you start with the primordial stuff or energy which is the raw material from which everything is made. This is rather philosophical and becomes almost metaphysical. When logoital plasma is moved, you have logoital energy. When this was first used in the creation of physical elements, physical materials, the emanation coming from those physical materials was what I call eloptic energy, and thats what we are dealing with. When it had to do with a living thing like a person, an animal or a plant, the emanations that come from the various parts of those live organisms — these are called nionic-nerve influencing energy. It is not eloptic because it is coming from the living or life features of the body or shall we say from the live tissues as compared with that which comes from the elements from hydrogen on up to uranium and so on. Well, dowsing is the use of the mind to tune in to this same energy that comes from water, oil, gold, silver, etc.

J.G.: But how does that . . .?

Hieronymus: Look now, you asked the question and Im trying to answer it. There is an energy that emanates from each isotope of each element which includes oil, gold, silver — anything — and a dowser has to tune in to that and he uses the mind as part of that process. Your lower mental body, which is a very distinct part of you, and your emotional body are two separate and distinct activities which are nevertheless closely allied and related and they work together. Its a kind of traveling pair because when you go to sleep at night and wake up with a vision or something, it is the activity of the combination which is doing it. People who have developed the ability to project that pair at will do the same thing — a dowser is doing it.

Their rods, or their devices, are strictly transducers between their physical senses and the emanations that the mind is concentrated on seeking.

J.G.: Okay, with a little stretching of the imagination, thats somewhat understandable.

Hieronymus: Fine. The rod itself however, has nothing to do with it. Most of the physics of the divining rod were subjected to a lot of mechanical testing and measuring of the torque, the stresses put into it when its operating and so on. But all that movement is the result of the nervous system and the muscles of the operator. On the other hand, one who can do psychometry, for example, doesnt need a divining rod. He can actually run his hand over an object and feel the effect. Some interpret it better than others. Peter Hurkos, for instance. Dont discount the abilities of these people.

From the archives of Borderlands Science Research Foundation.

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