Lunar Influence on the Electrochemical Production of Colloidal Silver

The Subtle influence planets and other heavenly bodies exert on metals through gravity and sympathetic tuning never ceases to intrigue me when I think along the lines of Alchemy and Nanotechnology:

Lunar Influence on the Electrochemical Production of Colloidal Silver

by Michael Theroux (From Borderlands research & it’s Journal)

“The research work of Eugen and Lily Kolisko in the 1920s and 30s introduced the idea that certain celestial events had a profound effect on metals, and that the ancient traditional relationships between specific metals and planets could be demonstrated via laboratory experiment. The process of these experiments involved placing cylinders of special filter paper into dishes which held measured amounts of the various metal salts. Then, the capillary patterns which subsequently emerged, could be studied with reference to specific solar system events (a complete detailed description of the experimental process is contained in the book, The Metal-Planet Relationship by Nick Kollerstrom, available from BSRF). Early on, the Koliskos observed the effects that the moon’s phases had on solutions of silver chloride, and that profound effects could be viewed during lunar eclipses.”

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