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In the mid 1800s Baron Karl von Reichenbach opened a whole vista of new knowledge when he discovered the existence and properties of what he called Od force, a force that flows from minerals and light, in plants and animals, and even radiates from the stars. The Od, the Odic force, named for the Norse god Odin, the “all transcending one,” and the Norse word “voda”, which means “I go quickly…! stream forth”. A mysterious force that permeates all things, that is everywhere present, and surely must be easily revealed, but is actually perceptible to very few.

How then is it that such a subtle force came to be discovered?

The Baron, a scientist foremost, developed his ideas through rigorous experiment: special darkrooms were created that were connected to wires that would conduct Od from plates that collected the force from the Sun or Moon; minerals, magnets and crystals were brought into the darkrooms via special rotating tables that permitted no light to enter.

Od is best detected through certain materials that focus it more than others— for example, it was seen to dance and glide in spectacular beauty when it flowed along magnets and crystals. Reichenbach used the term “concentrator” when discussing these Od sources, as Od is not generated by these objects at all; he declared that the Odic streams “flowed on eternally”, as it flows through the Earth, and travels along the light that streams from the Sun, Moon, and stars.

We believe that these powerful claims are worthy of further investigation, and that the experiments of the Baron can be reproduced. By combining several of the Baron’s discoveries into one small unit, we will attempt to focus the Odic force in a darkroom (and detail how you may attempt the same). We note that it may not be possible to observe the colorful displays described by Reichenbach’s sensitives in our first attempts— we must wait and watch with open minds. The Process itself must precede the experience. Experiments in this vein serve as excellent objects of meditation, a means for the senses to develop.

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