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The Eloptic Research of T.G. Hieronymous

“A form of energy hitherto generally unknown has been discovered, and a basic patent has been issued covering its use. The name ELOPTIC has been coined and assigned to the energy. The word is taken from the first two letters of electricity and the word optic, because the energy has some, but not all of the characteristics of both those forms of energy.” (Click to download full .pdf)

Care of Borderland Sciences.

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Eloptics: Logoital Plasma and Pineal Gland

Famed inventor of the Hieronymous box discusses Eloptics and their interaction with the pineal gland, solar waveforms, etc. Care of Agent Delphi

J। G.: Are you referring to the bone marrow or the pineal gland?

Hieronymus: Not the bone marrow; the pineal gland has direct relationship to the sun. Solar activity affects the pineal gland. (See Science News on “Solar Readout of Brain,” p. 248, October 18, 1975, which Rene Cartes has called the point of interaction between the spirit and body. Many philosophers since him have maintained that the seat of the soul — of consciousness itself is the tiny pineal gland or third eye.) Solar influence comes through the receptors in the top of the eye (not through the seeing part). I think it goes through the pituitary. Anyway, we worked on it and the day before Easter we insisted that the doctors have the test made the first thing in the morning after the boy had slept all night and before he was transfused. (We checked on the doctors procedure and the boy would always get the blood transfusions and then the doctors would take the sample of blood for the test.) The father was insistent; the doctors finally did it that way. Now, heres something that really gets you. The technician came to get the blood specimen and ran down to run the test and about a half-hour later the head of the laboratory of this hospital came up and took another specimen and also took it down to analyze it. About two hours later a technician from another hospital took another specimen from the boy. He took it back to their laboratories — they had three verifiable tests there that all showed that the platelets had increased to nearly normal — and they knew it couldnt be done! So that stands out as one of the spectacular moments.

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