HymereJ – One Off Nam (2012)

Track Listing:
01. 8 Hours Of Greenlit Night
02. Cellphone
03. Thats Kind of Despair
04. Love Is Fucking Stupid
05. Psychopathia Sexualis
06. The Sky in Bondage With Powerlines
07. Do I Believe
08. Swim In My Blood
09. Your Individuality Is Just Like Mine
10. Sknd

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“Vietnam after midnight. pitch darkness except a dim green led light outside the
glass door, acting as the only source of light, provided electricity stays on, as it often shuts off.
due to the expense of electricity the only thing running is a basic fan to ward off the heat and humidity,
and a laptop plugged into the wall, using a primitive converter, and duct taped in place.
outside there is the sound of 50,000 insects, half of which i’ve never heard before. rats are
running through out the house, and the threat of massive centipedes, millipedes, spiders, snakes,
and other unfriendly visitors are constantly a threat as i sit on the tile floor, the only place available.
the gates to the house are chained shut for the night, but the house is open to nature. a beat up laptop with 256mb ram, dead usb ports, no cd drive, all on the verge of crashing. sound card limitation of 22000 sample rate. primitive low CPU synths, hand drawn waves, and a handful of drum machine sounds
loaded up in Renoise 2.0

Recorded in 2 to 3 weeks in a random city of Vietnam. feb 2010.


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