Ikipr – Evil Aliens vs. Future Machine Robots (2012)

Ikipr - Evil Aliens vs. Future Machine Robots

01. Science & Sorcery
02. Self-Replicating Nanotech Pathogen Infection (The Grey-Goo)
03. Nephilim Vs Machine Gods
04. Martian Subterranean reality reprogramming antenna
05. Lilith Bound
06. Evil Alien overlords Escaping their Cosmo-Etheric Geometric Prison
07. Earth Coincidence Control Office
08. Deep within the heart of Darkstar (Nanite Spider Swarm Devour Mode)
09. The Abandoned Northwestern Airship Co. Hangar
10. Devils and Triangles
11. Breakers in Pieces
12. Bio-Organic Machine Aliens
13. The Red Algae
14. Abraxas ate his face
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A collection of tracks from 2006-2011. Album cover by Juan Ochoa.

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