Ikipr – Illea V

Traducer – Cede

Traducer – Cede

Track Listing:
1. swap
2. tops
3. pigpio “ft. Man Alone”
4. pypy-upstream
5. raspi “ft. Man Alone”
6. wolfram-rfkill
7. wolfram-engine
8. rtkit
9. gstreamer “ft. Star Fighter Dreams”
10. libmumps

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wahrk – Rising Fire, Falling Rain

Wahrk - Rising Fire, Falling Rain

wahrk – Rising Fire, Falling Rain

Track Listing:
1. Catalyst
2. A Rat, a Schism
3. Stare Straight Up
4. Cigar Cutter
5. Stomp
6. One More Wish
7. In One Breath

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Also available at wahrk.com & deluxe version available at Patreon.

Ikipr – Across the Tidal Flame, Sharp (2013)

Ikipr – Evil Aliens vs. Future Machine Robots (2012)


Rendered into lightwaves capable of perception by your eyes thanks to the hardworking nanobots in AIN & LVX.

Home of invisible mutant cyborg sound-artist from the future. Free experimental and electronic music releases.