Vind – Electric Mystic EP (2011)

Aleph9 Vind - Electric Mystic EP

Vind – Electric Mystic EP (2011):

Track Listing
01. Dynamic In(tro)duction Machine
02. Seamless Frequency Coils
03. Wireless Transmission of Dream
04. A Storm Within the Clyffe
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Originally released on the now defunct Street Scrape record label this tribute to Nikola Tesla in music is Vind’s first release on the Aleph9 Netlabel.

Traducer – Watson 387 (2010)

Traducer – Watson 387 (2010):

01. Nightmsohim
02. Conners FS
03. 10p2 reimaged
04. Fuck final fantasy
05. Hydrocodone daze interlude
06. Back on track and done

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Ikipr – I wish you were real EP (2010)

Ikipr – I wish you were real EP (2010):

1. Cortex.Boom
2. Entangled Bullets
3. A Sinister Smile to Greet the Dawn (Gentle Persuasion)
4. Eneveloped by a remote warmth (Early)
5. I wish you were real

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