The basis of the work presented on this website is the Hebrew letter to musical note correspondences as presented by Paul Foster Case from Alan Bennett’s personal journal & the additional correspondences we can draw from this for the employment of Hermetics in color and sound theory. These further correspondences include astrological signs, planets, tarot, geomancy, Eastern chakras & Tattwas, Enochian, etc. In addition to these inquiries we look at any other useful form of esoteric signal generation in sound and optics, including – but not limited to – psionics & radionics, chaos magick, technomancy, hypersigilic technologies and other forms of transmitting intent or creating sacred spaces via waveform science.

Beyond these Hermetic sciences of Alchemy, Qabbalah, Astrology & Gematria, we look forward to the future advancements that mainstream science harvest out of our shared memory in the Borderlands of fringe Science. The day grows near when the singularity will yields us wireless power transmission & effective fuel cells, genetic hacks & cybernetic nervous system augmentations, quantum computing & encryption, startling advances in neural interfaces, nanotechnology and life extension. We know the invisible art of sound and light will continue to play a role in these advancements and hope we shall track, record and integrate into it’s progress with our research available here.

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