Calculating Frequencies of Words in Hebrew or Enochian using correspondences

At points it may become important to calculate a specific frequency for the sum of a word or series of words or letters as opposed to simply playing their notes in sequence. When calculating the frequency of words or series of letters we must first examine the tuning system we’re working through. After this we can add the overall frequency of the letter to note correspondences comprising the word as such:

Spelled “אין”
Aleph = E
Yod = F
Nun (Final) = G

Hence, sequentially, one could spell Ain in melodic progression by playing E, F, G. Supposing we were working in the 7th octave of a system of tuning based on A = 440hz, We find that the frequencies would look as follows:

E = 2637.02hzF = 2793.83hzG = 3135.96hz    8566.81hz = Ain in the 7th octave

likewise in the 4th, middle octave

E = 329.63hzF = 349.23hzG = 392.00hz    1070.86hz = Ain in the 4th octave

However to scale these frequencies between octaves one can set them as a mathematical proportion where A=Freq. of A in the Octave you’re converting to, B= Freq. of A in the Current octave, C=Frequency of word after octave scaling (your variable) and D=Frequency of word in your current octave. Expressed as A/B = C/D, you solve for C.

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