You – Boo

You - Boo

You – Boo

Track Listing:
1. NEW
2. ALL
7. YOU
8. I

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You get the feeling that your future self has figured out about your plans to kill your past self and that he is trying to kill you to prevent you from killing you past self so that he can live…but that thought confuses you deeply”

Geronimo Arafat – Unbeknownst to Some / and The Devis Leak Out

Ikipr – Across the Tidal Flame, Sharp (2013)

Ikipr – Evil Aliens vs. Future Machine Robots (2012)

Midi Fister – Genocide 2.0

Daed – Oscillation Manifold (2012)

Daed - Oscillation Manifold

Daed – Oscillation Manifold (2012)

Track Listing:
01. A Colloidal Motif
02. Ramble Ant I
03. Segment Dancer
04. Arise
05. Joop
06. Acid Film Tonsil
07. Anxiety Hymn
08. Nomadic Fill Solo
09. Lab Art

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Mystery X – Spidergod sends Dreams (2012)

Track Listing:
01. Spidergod Sends Dream

A fascinating nine hour dreamscape soundtrack from Mystery X devoted to the SpiderGod. Automatic drawing Spidergod cover by Juan Ochoa

Geronimo Arafat – Plate Licked (2012)

1. Plate-Licked

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Vind – Electric Mystic EP (2011)

Aleph9 Vind - Electric Mystic EP

Vind – Electric Mystic EP (2011):

Track Listing
01. Dynamic In(tro)duction Machine
02. Seamless Frequency Coils
03. Wireless Transmission of Dream
04. A Storm Within the Clyffe
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Originally released on the now defunct Street Scrape record label this tribute to Nikola Tesla in music is Vind’s first release on the Aleph9 Netlabel.

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