Ikipr – I wish you were real EP (2010)

Ikipr – I wish you were real EP (2010):

1. Cortex.Boom
2. Entangled Bullets
3. A Sinister Smile to Greet the Dawn (Gentle Persuasion)
4. Eneveloped by a remote warmth (Early)
5. I wish you were real

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2 Comments to "Ikipr – I wish you were real EP (2010)"

  1. Great aggressive drums, with moody distorted and gentle textures
    very danceable in a mad unconventional way
    a random and jerky dance would would hurt many people. Very exciting don’t mix this album with energy drinks or you may strain yourself twitching to the beat.

  2. Ikipr says:

    That’s the patented Brenico “Automatic Dancing” technology at work, Mr.McFing!

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